NAC: how do you girls feel about Demi not actually being sober in her Staying Strong documentary when she was promoting sobriety. Could any of you tell, or were you shocked?

I wasn’t shocked, it wasn’t massively obvious but there were some tell-tale signs. She basically admitted it a few years ago anyway but I didn’t realise quite how bad she was still struggling. I think it’s okay to have still struggled so badly; she’s human and her recovery was so in the spotlight. Recovering is hard enough when you don’t have millions of people putting you on a pedestal and saying they’re happy you’re better and that you’re the reason they’re alive. I think Demi’s being really honest now, and that’s what’s important to me. And I don’t think she was lying for the sake of lying, I think it was more that she just wasn’t ready to let go of everything back then but put bucket-loads of pressure on herself. The Demi we have now is the most important Demi to me, because there’s really no point dwelling on the past and on something that we can’t change.
-Nicole xx